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Crudely drawn comics ridiculing God, gods, religion, and believers. Naughty words. Sex. Gods having sex while screaming out naughty words. Seriously, this may not be for you. Beat it.


HABIB, amatuer suicide bomber


Comic 7 now ready:  Meet the Gods election special!


COMING IN JAN 2010: NEW MEET THE GODS! Now ready! Meet the gods 8: Revelation


ATTENTION!!! SITE MOVED! "Meet the gods" has moved to another site, please check it out there. I'm keeping this stuff up if you want to see it here, but the other site is cleaner. Thanks, Jerry.


New "Meet the gods" site


MTG 6 now ready; jammed in below:


"Meet the Gods" was created in January 2006. Use the menu on the left to see them in order if you want. Comic number one was my first crack at it, it's crude but has its moments. Number two is my favorite; see the gods wrestle with their old foe the moderately interesting "Mr. Logic." Comic number 3 deals in a sophisticated and mature way with matters of great theological importance, and it includes the almost continuous use of the word "fuck." If you're ok with ridicule of the most revered personalities in world history, but are offended by the word "fuck," comic 3 may not be for you. In number four the gods convince God to send them down to earth; stuff happens. Number five is the latest, "There's Something About Thor."


The original "meet the gods" comic, from January 2006, starts here:


Page two; Gods 1! NEXT


If you are offended so far...well, it's probably too late. 


If you are offended by crappy website design, what can I say.  I draw cartoons.  I can barely turn this thing on and off.


Any and all comments cheerfully accepted.


I can be reached at